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The QScript Online Library contains a set of QScripts that can be used directly from Q. These scripts have been written to accomplish tasks that users commonly face in Q, including data checking, data cleaning, generating new variables, generating new tables, and more. These scripts don't need to be modified or saved to your computer.

The scripts are run by selecting Automate > Online Library and selecting a script from the list. QScripts from the QScript Online Library will appear with this icon: QScriptIcon.PNG. In older versions of Q these scripts may be run by selecting Tools > QScripts > Online Library and selecting the script in the menu. This feature is available in Q 4.7 and higher.

The scripts in the Online Library will prompt the user for any information that they require to complete the specified task. For example, if the script makes changes to questions in your project then the user will be shown a list of applicable questions when the script runs.

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