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This tool automatically removes Don't Know categories from data that you select. In Q, it is the equivalent to right-clicking on all the Don't Know categories of the selected questions and selecting Remove. In Displayr, this action is equivalent to selecting DATA VALUES > Missing Data and setting the Don't Know category to Exclude from analyses.

Phrases that are identified as Don't Know type responses are ones that contain one or more of:

  • dk
  • dont know
  • don't know
  • don t know
  • unsure
  • not sure
  • do not know
  • no idea
  • not applicable

The matching of these is not case sensitive.

Additionally, where a label is, in its entirety, NA or na, it is treated as a Don't Know.


To use this tool in Q:

  1. Select Automate > Browse Online Library > Modify Data > Remove Don't Know Categories
  2. Choose whether you wish to add your own custom text to search for in addition to the standard Don't Know style responses listed above.
  3. Choose which questions you wish to modify from the list presented.

To use this tool in Displayr:

  1. Select a table whose rows contain the variable set you wish to modify, or select one or more variable sets under Data Sets.
  2. Select + Anything > Data > Variables > Modify > Remove Categories > Remove Don't Know Categories
includeWeb('QScript Functions for Removing Dont Know Categories'); 

Prior to the 15th of December, 2015, this page was known as Modifying Rows and Columns - Remove Don't Know Categories

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