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Learning how to use Q

  1. If you are new to Q, please refer to Learning More About Q.
  2. If you are searching for a specific feature in Q, click into the Search features and data box, and type what you are looking for. SearchFeatures1.png
  3. If you cannot find something in Q, use the search box on this wiki (top-right of the screen), or, navigate via the links on the left of the screen.

What to do when a result looks wrong

  1. Check the base n shown at the bottom of the table (e.g., BaseExample.png). If this is smaller than you expect, refer to Sample Size Seems Too Small.
  2. If your problem relates to statistical tests:
    • Check that your statistical testing settings are correct (see Show significance and Statistical Assumptions).
    • Select any cell on a table, right-click and select Test statistical significance, and review the output.
  3. Check that the Question Type has been correctly set (press the the blue arrow (RightArrow.png) to the right of the Blue and Brown Drop-down Menus.
  4. If you cannot find some data, check that it is not hidden on the Variables and Questions tab (i.e., the little Hidden.png should not be bright yellow).
  5. Check that the Weight is correct (e.g., WeightExample.png).
  6. Check that the Filter is correct (e.g., FilterExample.png).
  7. Check that the correct Rules have been applied. Try and remove any rules and see if that is the cause of the problem. If a rule has been applied, a pink tab will appear at the bottom of the table (RulesTab.png). Control which rules are applied to which tables using the Apply drop-downs.
  8. Check to see if Hide.PNG is on (this automatically hides empty rows and columns; see Hiding and Removing Categories (Missing Values)).
  9. Right-click on a row or column heading on the table and select Values and review the Value Attributes.
  10. Contact the person that created the data file or set up the project (if it was not you).
  11. File > Share > Send to Q Support (Encrypted) and indicate which table and which cells in the table look wrong and why. Please note that:
    • It is usually unproductive to send us screenshots, as screenshots rarely contain the information necessary to diagnose the cause of problems (i.e., we cannot perform most of the steps described above).
    • We have a confidentiality agreement in place with you already.
    • The more time you put into giving us detailed information about what looks wrong and what makes you think it is wrong, the faster we will be able to solve the problem.

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