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Generally it is best to access online training from within Q by selecting Help > Online Training

Q allows users to construct variables, customize outputs and automate using JavaScript. This is a widely-used computer programming language (see Wikipedia).

In order to use JavaScript in Q, you need to understand:

  • How to write JavaScript. This is discussed in JavaScript Reference.
  • The different applications of JavaScript in Q. This is discussed below.

Different applications of JavaScript in Q

JavaScript can be used in Q for four different types of problems:

  • Creating new variables (i.e., JavaScript Variables).
  • Automating the setup of a project (i.e., QScripts).
  • Formatting tables and charts (i.e., Table JavaScript and Plot JavaScript).
  • Automating uploading of projects for online reporting (i.e., the API) - see Q API.

There are three sections of help for each of JavaScript Variables, QScripts and Table and Plot JavaScript:

  • Overview pages, which describe the basics of how to write scripts.
  • Examples libraries, which present examples that can be used or modified for specific problems.
  • Reference, which provides detailed documentation of the nuts and bolts of how the scripts need to be written.
Overview Examples Reference
JavaScript Variables JavaScript Variables Examples Library JavaScript Variables
QScript QScript Examples Library QScript Reference
Table JavaScript and Plot JavaScript Table JavaScript and Plot JavaScript Examples Library Table JavaScript and Plot JavaScript Reference

The Online Training tutorials shown at the top-right of this page also illustrate the different applications of JavaScript in Q.


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