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Projects are set up in Q by selecting File > Data Sets > Add to Project > From File, then the relevant data file. When prompted, ensure the default Automatically detect data file structure, e.g., group variables into "questions" (recommended) is selected and click OK. Depending on the nature of the data, more detailed steps may be required.

Detailed process for setting up a project in Q

  1. Obtain a data file in one of the File Formats Supported by Q. Software for exporting data typically contains various options. Which options are selected is a key determinant of how much effort is required to extract data from within Q.
  2. Prepare your data, using the tools in Manipulating data files (for example by stacking them or by merging multiple files) where necessary. Also see Multiple Data Files for methods for simultaneously analyzing multiple files in Q.
  3. Basic Workflow For Checking and Cleaning a Project. If you have obtained data file that contains no metadata, such as a CSV file or an SQL database, you will also need to do the steps Setting Up Files With No Metadata.
  4. Constructing Variables to Make Analysis Easy (e.g., setting up Top 2 Box Scores and the like).
  5. Setting Statistical Assumptions When Setting Up Projects.
  6. If required, Weighting.
  7. If required, Advanced Data Tidying, which is generally most useful if the data is being prepared for a user that is not familiar with the intricacies of the study (e.g., when preparing a Dashboard).


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