Hiding and Removing Categories (Missing Values)

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Re-basing Tables
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There are a number of different ways of removing categories from tables and each has a different consequence.

Removing categories and setting values as missing

Right-click on a category and select Remove simultaneously hides the category and recomputes any numbers on the table (e.g., if it is categorical data, the percentages are re-based). You can undo these changes by pressing undo or by right-clicking on the table and selecting Revert.

Where the categories are mutually exclusive (i.e., from a Pick One or Pick One - Multi question) you can right-click on rows or columns and select Values to open the Value Attributes, changing selections in the Missing Data column, and this is identical to using Remove.

Re-basing multiple response questions

When using Remove with a Pick Any question, sometimes you will see the NET drop below 100%, because some respondents will not have selected any of the responses. The most straightforward solution to this right-click on the percentage next to the NET, and select Create filter, ensure that Apply filter to the current table is selected and press OK.

Hiding categories

You can also right-click on a category and select Hide to prevent it from being shown in the table. When you hide a category in this way no change is made to the other values on the table. You can undo hiding by pressing undo, or, right-clicking and selecting Revert (which returns the question to its original state).

You can also hide rows/columns where the first statistic is 0% or NaN in every cell of the row/column by pressing Hide.PNG (located in the toolbar at the top of the screen).

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