How To Show Question Numbers

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When importing data, Q automatically infers the labels that are shown (e.g., in the Blue and Brown Drop-down Menus). Sometimes these names will not contain question numbers, and it may be desirable to have them show question numbers.

There are a number of ways to get Q to show question numbers:

  • Manually edit the contents of the Question field on the Variables and Questions tab. For example, replacing Age with Q2. Age.
  • Have the raw data file created so that it contains the question numbers (that is, Q is only showing what it obtains from the raw data file). This is generally the best approach. See the SPSS Data File Specifications of
  • Get Q to automatically infer the question numbers from the Name field. This is done using Edit > User Options > Display/Print/Export and modifying the selections in the first two sets of options. Note that where the resulting numbers are not "neat", this is due to how the data file has been created.