How to Set Defaults

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Project Options

Settings that are modified in Project Options, such as Statistical Assumptions, can be saved and automatically re-applied to new projects by using Edit > Project Options > Save As Template.

The default appearance of tables

There is no way to specify the default appearance of a tables, but there are various ways of making this process efficient. The reason that there is no way of specifying the default appearance is that there are too many options for it to be practical. Q produces more than a hundred distinct types of tables, and many statistics are only available on a subset of these tables, so it would be necessary to set defaults for all of these subsets (e.g., n only makes sense on tables of categorical data).

Some ways of quickly ensuring each table appears the same are:

  1. When you start a project, modify the first table so that it appears as you wish. When you copy and modify copies of that table they will remember the settings you have applied.
  2. Select Report, or, a subset of the outputs in the Report, and edit these simultaneously. For example, you can right-click where the tables normally appear and select one of the Statistics menus and make your changes (by holding your Ctrl key down on your keyboard you can make multiple changes at the same time).
  3. Apply any desired Rules to a table, press on the Rules tab, press the Apply drop-down and select Add to every item in the project (this option will only appear if it is not already applied; also note that rules are remembered when you copy a table, just like the other aspects of the table).
  4. Use a QScript to create the tables in accordance with your needs. A good way to do this is to copy the script called Tables - Crosstabs, modify it as per your needs, and run it manually. If you do not have experience with such things you should consider:
    • Running this script a few times and familiarising yourself with what it is doing.
    • Work out how you want the script to be changed.
    • Contact support and tell us how you wish to modify this (or any other script) and we will show you how to perform such modifications.