How to Save and Run Online Library QScripts From Your Computer

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Please note: Q4.10 includes a built-in editor for QScripts that can be accessed by Automate > Open QScript (Macro) Editor. QScripts can be saved and run directly from this editor.

To save and run Online Library QScripts from your computer:

  1. Automate > Online Library.
  2. When you click on a script you will see a description below it. Scroll to the bottom of this and click on More information.
  3. Copy the script (in they grey box) and save it to your computer, with a file extension of .QScript. You can do this in NotePad, but if you plan to modify the script you should follow the instructions in Setting Up a Text Editor for QScript.
  4. If desired, modify the script.
  5. Run it using Automate > Run QScript (Macro) from file.