How to Show Sample Sizes on Charts

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Showing sample sizes on PowerPoint charts

  1. On the table that you are exporting to PowerPoint as a chart, select whichever is appropriate of:
  2. Export the chart to PowerPoint.

If this does not provide the desired output for a particular PowerPoint chart type, see the other options on this page.

Showing sample sizes on Q's internal chart types

If this option is not available on a particular chart type, see the other options on this page.

Automatically including the sample sizes in column headings

By using Automate > Browse Online Library and selecting Modify Headers - Add Sample Size to Column Labels, you can modify the labels that appear in all tables and charts, and these modifications will flow through to any charts that are exported to PowerPoint.

Showing sample size in footers

Overall sample size for the table

The settings for footers automatically show sample size information for the whole table or chart, and there is various ways that these can be customized (see Footers).

Sample size for various columns

There are a number of different ways of displaying sample sizes by column available in Automate > Browse Online Library:

Customizing how sample size is displayed

In addition to the options described above, it is possible to create a custom rule (see Creating a Custom Rule). The most straightforward way of doing this is probably to modify whichever of the following is most appropriate: