How to Change Time Series Labels to Show Different Months

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The labels shown on the date axis of a Time Series Chart or in the Date columns of a Table are automatically calculated by Q. If you would like these labels to show different months, it is best to adjust the date boundaries within Q rather than type over the labels, as typing over the labels is error-prone and may misrepresent your data.

Q automatically calculates which months to show in the labels by looking at the most recent (or maximum) date in your data, and then works backwards. In order to adjust which months are shown, you will need to adjust the most recent date.

  1. Find your way to the Time Period setting for the Date question. See Setting Time Periods for Date Questions for how. On time series charts, it is a case of right-clicking on the X axis, formatting the axis, and selecting the Date Question tab.
  2. Currently, the Date Question tab says Period Type: All Data.
  3. Change Period type to Date Range.
  4. Change the Maximum date to end in a future month that makes sense to you (e.g. if you wanted your Quarters to be calendar Quarters, you could change the month to December).

Once you modify the Maximum date, then all of the months in the labels will be automatically aligned to that month.