How To Test Between Adjacent Time Periods

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(Beginning in Q5.14.1.0 complement testing is now refered to as exception testing).

By default, the colors and arrows in Q show the results of statistical tests of each cell in a table against its complement. You can instead have Q compare each column against the column to its left. This is done as follows:

  1. Create a Date question. See Creating Date Variables for a description of what to do when the dates are regular (e.g., an annual survey), and Using Date Questions With Irregular Time Periods for other situations (e.g., where there is a pre and a post).
  2. Create a table with the Date question in the columns.
  3. Edit > Project Options > Customize > Statistical Assumptions and set Date questions to Compare to previous period.

(Beginning in Q5.14.1.0, Step 3 is as follows:Edit > Project Options > Customize > Statistical Assumptions > Test Type and set Date to Compare to previous period)