How to Set Up Your PowerPoint Master Slide

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If you want to control the position and size of the charts and tables that get exported to PowerPoint, then you need to take an extra step to set up the master slide in PowerPoint.

The steps are as follows:

  1. If you want to use an existing master template, then start by opening your existing PowerPoint document.
  2. In Q, export a table to PowerPoint.
  3. If you are updating your existing PowerPoint template, choose to export into that document.
  4. In PowerPoint, use View > Slide Master.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the panel on the left and locate the last slide in the set of slides. When you hover your mouse on this slide, it should say Title and Chart Layout.
  6. Edit the position of the place-holder on this slide.
  7. Save the PowerPoint document.

This last slide in the master is the one that Q will use when exporting. You can control the position and size of the placeholder. You can control the formatting of the text in the existing text placeholders and add new background images, etc.. However, you cannot add new text placeholders to the slide master. The next time you export from Q into this document, the chart or table will be placed within the box defined by this placeholder.


add note about no additional placeholders