How to Conduct MANOVA Tests

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  1. Create a table, where the dependent variables are in the rows (or columns) and the independent variables are in the columns (or rows). For example, the table below can be used to test MANOVA with 6 dependent variables, measuring attitudes towards different brands of cola, and age as the grouping variable.
  2. Select all the cells, right-click and select Test for Statistical Significance, after which you will see the results of a multivariate analysis of variance test.
  3. If you wish to conduct post-hoc ANOVA, which is only possible with a single categorical independent variable (i.e., as in the table on the left), select all the cells in a single row, except the NET, right-click and select Test for Statistical Significance.


Technical details

  • The multiple comparison corrections for ANOVA are controlled in Statistical Assumptions (see Planned ANOVA-Type Tests for more information).
  • The Question Types will determine the specific MANOVA conducted. That is, if your independent questions (i.e., the variables containing the group(ing) variables) are numeric, you will conduct MANCOVA instead of MANOVA. The table below has two categorical independent variables (grouped together as a single Banner question).
  • More details about the specific multivariate tests that are conducted are at Multivariate Tests.