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Basic mechanics of Q's testing

The basic process of statistical testing in Q works as follows:

  1. The user specifies the relationships to be tested.
  2. Q computes a p-Value
  3. Results are highlighted as significant if
  4. If a Rule has been applied, this is then used and may replace the results computed in the previous steps.

See Overview of Statistical Testing in Q for more detail.

Reading Tables and Interpreting Significance Tests

Basic tips for interpreting most tables can be obtained by selecting Help and Interpret This Table.

Links to explanations of how to read the most common tables and their significance tests can be found here.

Statistical tests categorized by data type

Working out which test has been conducted

To work out which test has been conducted on the cell of a table:

  1. Check to see if any Rules have been applied. If they have, review their documentation.
  2. Select that cell and press AlphaButton.png (see Planned Tests of Statistical Significance).

See also

Technical Assumptions of Tests of Statistical Significance contains a general discussion about the use and interpretation of tests of statistical significance. Further reading: Market Research Analysis Software

Further reading: Market Research Analysis Software


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