How To Compute Calibrated Purchase Intent

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The problem to be solved

Data has been collected on purchase intent, with a Pick One or Pick One - Multi question such as:

I would definitely buy it
I would probably buy it
I am not sure whether I would buy it or not
I would probably not buy it
I would definitely not buy it

There is need to compute a purchase intent score, using a metric such as assuming that 100% of people that said I would definitely buy it are assumed to buy, 50% of those that said I would probably buy it are assumed to buy, and 0% of the remainder are assumed to buy.

The solution

  1. Create a table with the purchase intent question in the Blue Drop-down Menu.
  2. Right-click on the on of the blue row headings and select Values.
  3. Enter the desired calibration factors into the Value Column. If you have a category that you wish to exclude from the analysis entirely, either select Missing Data which will exclude it from all analyses, or, enter a Value of NaN which will cause the percentage to be included but will exclude the value when computing the calibrated purchase intent. An example is shown below. Press OK when you are finished.
  4. Right-click on the table and select Statistics - Below > Average.
  5. Optionally: if you wish to remove the percentages from the table, change the Question Type to whichever is appropriate of Number or Number - Multi.
  6. Optionally: if you wish to rename the Average as Purchase Intent Index see Output Text.