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Drill Down questions in Qualtrics allow the user to specify a hierarchy of response options in a series of drop-downs for the user to select. When this is exported, Qualtrics creates a single Pick One variables for each level of the hierarchy, but instead of limiting the categories to those that appear in that level of the hierarchy alone, all of the labels from all levels are included in the list of categories. To analyse this hierarchically we will first need to deconstruct the existing variables, and then restructure them into a more useful format.


In Qualtrics, a Drill Down question could appear like this:


In Q, a table created from the export from Qualtrics before any re-structuring has been done, will look like this:

Q drill-down.png

Q Set-up

  1. In the Variables and Questions tab, highlight the question, right-click and select Revert to Source.
  2. Click the Values (...) for the first relevant variable, and tick Missing Data for all the categories that do not belong to the top level of your Drill Down hierarchy.
  3. Repeat step 2 for each consecutive variable, ticking Missing Data for any category that does not belong to the hierarchy level that the variable stores.
  4. Highlight all the relevant variables, right-click and select Copy and Paste Variable(s) > Linked.
  5. Go to Create > Banner > Drag and Drop. Drag in the relevant variables that were copied in step 4. Be careful to position them hierarchically in a column, so that the top question represents your top level of the Drill Down, the next on the next level, and so on.
  6. Untick the boxes labeled Add sub-NETs and Add column spans of question names, then click OK.

Create a new table, and place the new BANNER in the blue drop-down, and ensure that Hide Empty Rows and Columns button has been selected. The final output should resemble this:

Q drill-down complete.png