Using Scripts to Automate Data Checking and Cleaning

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QScript can be used to generate reports detailing issues with a project. They can also be used to tidy up projects.

Automated QScripts run when data is imported or added

When data is imported into Q, QScripts automatically run in the background and fix various common issues with data files. These are supplier specific (e.g., if the data is from SurveyMonkey then one script is run, if the data is from Qualtrics the a different script is used, etc.).

Online Library QScripts

  1. Preliminary Project Setup - Check for Errors in Data File Construction
  2. Preliminary Project Setup - Identify Questions with Straight-Lining/Flat-Lining
  3. Create New Variables - Variable(s) with Outliers Removed

QScripts requiring manual editing and running

  1. Checking ID Variable checks to see that the ID Variable is appropriate (i.e., has the right Variable Type and contains unique values). Before this script is run it needs to be modified so point towards the ID variable – please open this script in a text editor and read the instructions at the top.
  2. Checking the Number of Selections in Questions counts up the number of responses for questions. With single response questions you can also check for out-of-range responses. For multiple response questions you can check for the number of responses is appropriate.

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