Updating CSV and Excel Files

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Sometimes when Updating Projects with New or Revised Data, additional information in the revised data file contradicts conclusions about Variable Type obtained when importing the original file. There are two relatively common scenarios where this can occur.

Numeric variables that become text variables

If a variable contains only numeric data when it is originally imported, it will be assumed to be a numeric variable from that point onward, and any non-numeric data will automatically be converted to missing data.

If it is important to change the type of a variable, the process is:

Text variables that become numeric

Where a variable contains information that causes Q to interpret the variable as being text, such as commas, dollars signs or any other non-numeric data, Q will continue to interpret the data as being text, even if the underlying data is changed to text and re-imported.

You can change the variable to numeric by changing its Variable Type in the Variables and Questions tab.