Automatically Merging Categories and Creating NETs

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The most straightforward approach to merging categories and creating NETs is via drag-and-drop, or, selecting multiple categories, right-clicking and choosing Merge or Create NET. It is also possible to automate this process, so that it can be quickly performed on multiple questions in a project.

Using a question as a template

Where you have a lot of questions that have an identical structure, such as lots of seven point rating scales with the same labels for each of the scale points, the most straightforward approach is to:

Using the Online Library

The Online Library, which is accessed using Automate > Browse Online Library contains various QScripts for solving merging and netting problems, such as:

Creating custom QScripts and/or Rules

If you have more specialist requirements, they can usually be addressed by creating custom Rules and QScripts using JavaScript. It is usually fastest to start by modifying an existing code in the Online Library.