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Groups the selected variables into a single question. It allows you to manually over-ride the automatic grouping of variables into questions that occurs when setting up projects automatically in Q.

How to use Set Question

  1. Select the variables in the Variables and Questions tab that you wish to group.
  2. Right-click and select Set Question.
  3. Fill in the appropriate fields in the first and the ensuing dialog boxes. Note that:


Name Name for the question.

Question Type See Question Types. If you select a Grid question type, the Grid Layout dialog box will appear after you click OK.

Do not change ‘Count This Value’ settings When any of the selected variables come from a Pick Any question, you can tick this box to avoid changing their Count This Value settings. If you leave this un-ticked and you have selected a Pick Any question type here, Q will change all the Count This Value settings for all of the variables.