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A Pick, Group, and Rank question in Qualtrics allows the respondent to group items into two or more categories, and simultaneously rank the items within those groups. The data is stored in pairs of variables for each item, where one stores the group assigned and the other the rank. When imported into Q, the data appears as a series of otherwise unstructured, pairs of Pick One and Numeric questions.


An example of a Pick, Group, and Rank question set up in Qualtrics might look like this:


In the data there is a pair of variables for each of the people that were asked about in this question. There is a Catergorical variable, with the label Group which stores whether each respondent assigned that person to Love or Hate, and there is a Numeric variable which describes the ranking of that person within the category. These variables will appear like the following:


Q Set-up

To look at the ranking data by itself could be misleading, as the rank for each item is stored in a single variable. This means that the rankings for the different groups are all mixed in together. In the example above, which is an extreme example, it would be misleading to look at the rankings without knowing whether the ranks were for the most-loved personality, or for the most-hated personality.

Analyze the rankings for each item

The simplest approach to looking at this data is to crosstabulate the pair of rank and group questions for each item.

On the Outputs tab, create a new table, and place the "Group" variable for one of the items in the blue drop-down, and the corresponding "Rank" variable in the brown drop-down.

This will produce the average rank for the current item/statement. To instead see the proportion of actual rank positions, on the Variables and Questions tab, set the "Rank" variable to Categorical.

Groups as single table

The group information can be analysed across the different items by combining the group variables together as a question.

  1. Highlight all the Group variables, and then right-click and select Set Question. When prompted, give the question a suitable Name, and set the Question Type to Pick One - Multi.
  2. With the same variable highlighted, click the Values (...) button.
  3. For the Label, enter the appropriate group headings. These should match the text at the top of the group boxes in Qualtrics.
  4. Click OK.

Creating a table of this question should give you an output that looks like this:

Q pgr 1.png