How Q Determines the Name of a Question

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The name of each Question as it appears in the Blue and Brown Drop-down Menus is shown and edited in the Question field in the Variables and Questions tab.

Q determines the name by:

  • Taking the name straight from the Variable Label in the data file in the case of single response question types (e.g., Pick One, Date and Number questions).
  • Taking the name from any Multiple Response Sets specified in the data file.
  • Inferring the name from common structures in the labels. For example, if two variables are grouped into a question and contain the label of Q5a. Bank of America and Q5b. Citibank then Q will infer that the Q5 is common and use this in the variable name (in this case, Q will create a name for the question of Q5X, where X indicates that Q has inferred there is a sequence of numbers).