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In addition to the methods described in Importing Data From Qualtrics, it is possible for users who have a Qualtrics account with API Access to import Qualtrics data directly. To check whether a Qualtrics account has API access, contact the Qualtrics Administrator at your organisation. A Qualtrics Administrators may contact a sales representative at Qualtrics to discuss licensing for API access. When a Qualtrics account has API access, data may be imported by clicking File > Data Sets > Add to Project and then selecting From Qualtrics. You will be prompted to enter your Qualtrics Base URL, and Qualtrics API Token. Details on these are described below.

Qualtrics Base URL

Your Base URL consists of the Qualtrics hostname for your organization followed by "/API". You can find your Qualtrics hostname by logging into you Qualtrics Account, and looking for the part of the URL that ends with ".com". Together, your Qualtrics Base URL should look something like or For security, the Base URL must start with "https://". More information on your Base URL can be found at Qualtrics API Documentation - Base URL and Datacenter IDs.

Qualtrics API Token

To find your Qualtrics API Token:

  • Log in to Qualtrics
  • Click on the User icon and go to Account Settings...
  • Click on the Qualtrics Ids tab
  • Look at the Token entry in the box labelled User. This is your Qualtrics API Token. If this is empty, you'll need to generate an API token by clicking Generate Token.

For more information on Qualtrics API Tokens, look at Qualtrics API Documentation - Authentication.

Selecting a Survey

Once you've entered your Base URL and API Token, you'll be asked to choose which survey to import.

Notes for Importing from the Qualtrics API

  • We do not currently support importing surveys with more than 1 million responses.
  • Importing from the Qualtrics API will create a .QualtricsData file and a .QualtricsMeta file to store the imported data. Moving, editing, or renaming these files is not recommended in order to keep them valid for importing into Q.
  • Updating an existing Q project with new Qualtrics survey data requires the user to click File > Data Sets > Update, re-enter your Base URL and API Token, select your survey from the list, and replace the existing .QualtricsMeta file with the updated one.
  • Qualtrics Side-by-Side questions may have missing data for some multiple-response questions within them. See the Release Notes for more information.
  • When importing Qualtrics "Matrix - Profile" questions, value labels may not be imported correctly if the columns of the matrix are labelled differently between different rows.
  • For Single Answer or Matrix - Single Answer questions, a new value may be added called "Not Answered" to represent cases where a respondent has been shown a particular option but decided not to choose any value for it. Cases where a respondent was not shown the option (e.g. due to randomization) are represented with NaNs.


A common cause of connectivity errors is the omission of the "/API" at the end of the base URL. Do make sure that it follows the exact format here:

If you are not getting a list of surveys appearing in Q, then you can test the connection to Qualtrics by taking the following steps:

  1. Navigate to this link: [1]
  2. Click the button Try It.
  3. Enter your API token.
  4. Check that the box on the right says "200 OK" at the top.

You should get a list of your available surveys on the right-hand side (note you may need to click a little arrow to expand the view).