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The Create > Charts menu contains options for creating charts and visualizations.

The Create > Charts > Chart option creates a new item in your Report which is similar to a table in that you choose which questions should be used to create the chart. Using the Show data as menu above a table will also convert an existing table into a chart. For more information on formatting options, click here, and for information on the chart types that are available, see this page.

The options in Create > Charts > Visualization instead require you to link them up to an existing table of numbers that are to be visualized. The input could also be a Q Table, but it could also be tabular data from an R Output, and there is also the option to simply paste in a set of numbers that you want to display. All options in this menu are created with R (RLogo.png).

Both charts and visualizations export as images. If you would like to export editable Excel-style charts, you should instead create a Table, and export it to Office using one of the Excel Chart format options.

Chart Convert a Table into a chart.

Preliminary Project Setup

Summary Plots - Create a chart for each question (not text or hidden questions) in your project.


Area Chart - Create an Area Chart, a Stacked Area Chart, or a 100% Stacked Area Chart.
Bar Chart - Create a horizontal Bar Chart, a Stacked Bar Chart, or a 100% Stacked Bar Chart.
Column Chart - Create a vertical Column Chart, a Stacked Column Chart, or a 100% Stacked Column Chart.
Donut Chart - Create a Donut Chart (Pie Chart with a hollow center).
Heatmap - Create a Heatmap.
Scatterplot - Create a Scatterplot with or without labels.
Line Chart - Create a Line Chart, a Stacked Line Chart, or a 100% Stacked Line Chart.
Palm Trees - Create a Palm Tree plot.
Bar Chart - Create a horizontal Bar Chart using pictograph icons.
Pie Chart - Create a Pie Chart or a Grouped Pie Chart.
Sankey Diagram - Create a Sankey Diagram.

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