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A Donut Chart or Doughnut chart is essentially a pie chart with a hollow center. They are useful for part-to-whole comparisons.


The following example shows the distribution of ages among survey respondents.

Create a donut chart in Displayr

1. Go to Insert > Visualization > Donut Chart
2. Under Inputs > DATA SOURCE > Variables in ‘Data’, select the variable you want to chart.

Object Inspector Options

The following is an explanation of the options available in the Object Inspector for this specific visualization. Refer to Visualization Options for general chart formatting options.


Donut hole radius % Radius of the hole, as a percentage of the radius of the donut.
Border Color Color to use as an outline for each segment.


    "formChartType": "Donut",
    "formStackSeries": false,
    "formSmallMultiples": false,
    "formAsPercentages": false,
    "formScatterLabelType": "As hover text"