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A Streamgraph is like a stacked Area chart without the series based on a fixed x-axis. They are usually used to show changes in different categories over time through the use of flowing, stream-like shapes.

Like with an area chart, the value is denoted by the colored region. The difference is that the value is represented by the area between the two lines, rather the area from a line to the axis.


The example below uses data from a fast-food consumption survey. The following visualization shows the fast-food consumption habits of respondents over time, using the following table.

Brand tracking table.png

Create a Streamgraph in Displayr

1. Go to Insert > Visualization > Streamgraph
2. Under Inputs > DATA SOURCE > Output in ‘Pages’, select your table from the dropdown menu

Object Inspector Options

The following is an explanation of the options available in the Object Inspector for this specific visualization. Refer to Visualization Options for general chart formatting options.


Color palette The colors used for the streams.
Tick units The units of the x-axis. If Automatic the units will be set according to the data.
Automatic tick interval If set, the tick interval is determined automatically from the data.
Axis tick interval The number of Tick units between each tick label. The value may be rounded to produce more balanced tick labels.
Number type The formatting of the x-axis tick labels.
Number type The formatting of the y-axis tick labels.
Maximum number of ticks The maximum number of tick labels to show on the y-axis.
Note that if Tick units are Month or Day (or are determined to be as such automatically) then ticks are shown at the start of every year or month respectively and in addition to the chosen tick interval.

More Information

How to create a streamgraph in Displayr


The stream chart is produced using the R streamgraph package.


    "formChartType": "Stream",
    "formStackSeries": false,
    "formSmallMultiples": false,
    "formAsPercentages": false,
    "formScatterLabelType": "As hover text"