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The Rule Online Library contains a set of Rules that can be applied to tables and charts directly from Q. These have been written to accomplish some common table and chart manipulations that users wish to apply in Q. This includes changing labels, changing the colors of cells, adding new rows and columns, and more.

Applying Rules To Tables and Charts

This feature is available in Q version Q 4.8 and higher. To apply one of these rules to a table or chart:

  1. Select the relevant Tables or Charts in your Report.
  2. Select Automate > Online Library.
  3. Select the rule from the list. Rules appear with the icon: RuleIcon.PNG.
  4. Make any selections (e.g. colors, statistics, etc) that are appropriate to the rule.
  5. Click OK.

Any options that are available for a rule (for example, selecting colors and statistics) can be changed by selecting the Rules tab tab below your table, selecting the rule from the list, and then clicking Edit Rule.

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