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The Rules tab is available whenever a table (or chart) has a Rule applied to it. Here you can edit, reorder, create and delete rules.

To see all rules in your project At the top of the tab, change Show to All rules in project.
To apply an existing rule to other tables
  1. At the top of the tab, change Show to All rules in project.
  2. In the report tree, select the tables or charts that you would like the rule to also apply to.
  3. Click on the Apply drop-down menu and select Add to selected items.
Reordering rules Rules are run in the order shown. This order is shared by all tables and charts in a project. If you use the up and down buttons to reorder rules for one table then you will affect the order for all tables and charts that use those rules. You can see the overall order of rules by changing Show to All rules in project.
Finding the tables and charts affected by a rule
  1. Click on the magnifying glass next to the rule.
  2. A list of the tables and charts used by that rule will appear below, labeled Find Results.
  3. Click on the Outputs tab.
  4. Click on items in Find Results list to select them in the report tree.