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Q4.11 ("four point eleven") contains a large number of new features.


A new Search box appears at the top of the screen. This search feature integrates all Q's features and documentation, allowing you to search for a term and have Q:

  • Identify all the related tools within Q. That is, it will show you all the related options in menus, including Rules and QScripts.
  • Find and replace text within the project (i.e., searching through all the tables and data).
  • Identify relevant Online Training items.
  • Show relevant pages from this wiki.

New plot types

Browsing the online library

The Online Library contains more than 100 different QScripts and Rules. It can be browsed using Automate > Browse Online Library.


The updated Banners address many long-standing limitations. It allows users to:

  • Edit existing banners (e.g., add a new question, merge or split categories).
  • Add arbitrary categories to banners. For example: AGE(1) OR INCOME(2).
  • Include Date questions in a banner.
  • Have control over Spans and NETs.
  • Update data and have the banner automatically update to reflect changes to the questionnaire (e.g., new categories in a question).

New tools for modifying data on a table or plot

When you right-click on tables and plots you now get a list of options for editing the questions and variables on the table (e.g., changing Question Type, creating a new Filter).


Significance tests on Charts in PowerPoint and Excel

Significance testing labels are now automatically included on chart exports to Excel and PowerPoint.


Improvements to Excel Exporting


There is a new option when exporting to Excel called Export to Excel (fast) which creates a new file containing the exports and is much, much, faster than the traditional method (the traditional method, which exports into Excel directly, is still available).

Tab names

The names of the tabs in Excel are now named based on the names of the tables in Q.

Groups grouped by page

A new option permits you to export each folder on a separate page.

SPSS Custom Attributes

QScript can now be used to access Custom Attributes in SPSS Data Files. The QScript Modifying Footers - Display SPSS Custom Attribute displays the custom attributes as a footer on tables. One application of this is to automatically include question wording in the footers of tables (provided that the question wordings are in custom attributes in the SPSS data file).

New/Improved QScript/Rules Editor

QScripts can now be directly edited within Q. And, the underlying JavaScript of Rules can be easily edited. See Editing JavaScript in Q.

Statistical testing


  • Time Series Analysis settings can now be changed for multiple rows at once.
  • The Data Difference Warning table now has a Copy button for pasting into Excel.