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Save the tidied text which has been processed by Text Analysis - Advanced - Setup Text AnalysisInsert > Text Analysis > Advanced > Setup Text Analysis as a new variable in the data set. This blog post describes saving tidied text in order to create a word cloud.


To use this item, first select an item created by Text Analysis - Advanced - Setup Text AnalysisInsert > Text Analysis > Advanced > Setup Text Analysis.


includeWeb("QScript Utility Functions");
includeWeb("QScript Functions to Generate Outputs");
includeWeb("QScript R Output Functions");
includeWeb("QScript Selection Functions");

function saveTidiedText() {
    let web_mode = inDisplayr();
    let selected_item = getSelectedROutputFromPage(["wordBag"]);
    if (selected_item === null) {
        log("Select an item that has been created using Text Analysis > Setup Text Analysis.");
        return false;
    let target_data_file = getDataFileFromItemDependants(selected_item);
    if (target_data_file == null) {
        log("'Save variables' cannot be applied to an output with no associated data file.");
    let r_expression = 
tidied.text = SaveTidiedText(${stringToRName(selected_item.referenceName)})`;
    let new_q_name = preventDuplicateQuestionName(target_data_file, "Tidied Text from " + selected_item.name);
    let new_var_name = cleanVariableName(selected_item.name) + "_tidied_text";
    new_var_name = preventDuplicateVariableName(target_data_file, new_var_name);
    let new_var;
    try {
        new_var = target_data_file.newRVariable(r_expression, new_var_name, new_q_name, null);
    } catch (e) {
        log("Save Tidied Text could not be created from this item: " + e);
        return false;
    let new_question = new_var.question;
    // In Q, select the table showing the new variable. 
    if (!web_mode) {
        let new_group = generateGroupOfSummaryTables(new_q_name, [new_question]);
    return true;