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Getting Started Guide

The Q Blog contains lots of helpful articles about using Q. Check out the Getting started with Q series for an introduction to the most fundamental aspects of working in Q.


Request a demonstration by clicking on the button at , or if your company has already had a trial, contact sales. If you wish, we can conduct a demonstration using your data.


A one month trial is available by clicking on the link on our website. If your company has previously had a trial please contact support to see if you are eligible for another trial.

Online training

The software includes more than 100 Online Training modules. An alternative to working through them all in order is to use one of the short courses at Self-Training Programs.


Refer to Training for an overview of our paid and complimentary training programs.


This wiki contains detailed information about all aspects of Q. If you click on the categories shown on the left of the screen, you will see overviews of the core functions of Q. At the bottom of each of these pages you will find many links to related topics.

A condensed version of the documentation can be downloaded File:Q Cheat Sheet - Standard Training.pdf.


Send us an email or give us a call.

If giving us a call, please keep in mind that we answer all emails and phone calls from customers and non-customers in the same order. If the phone goes through to voicemail it means we are probably helping an existing customer with a technical support email.


The homepage of our website contains short videos demonstrating key functionality of Q, as well as pricing information.

Further reading: Market Research Analysis Software


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