Getting Help with Q

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  • Search through this Technical Reference website (there is a search box at the top-right of the screen).
  • Search through all Q's other documentation using the Online Documentation Search.
  • If you wish to understand what a particular option in Q does, either press the F1 button on your keyboard, click on the Help button on a dialog box, or click on the Help menu and select the first option (the one with the HelpIcon.png to the left of it; the first option will always be the help for whatever is on the screen).
  • Send an email to support. If your request is a standard problem, it will be quickly explained or you will be referred to appropriate documentation or training materials. If your problem is new or unusual, a document will be prepared showing the steps required to complete the task. Support is only available for paying customers. Support does not include completion of your work (i.e., e.g., we can tell you how to create new variables, but additional fees will apply if you require variables to be created by us for you).