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2003 Displayr founded in Sydney, Australia. Displayr is a privately-owned Australian company. Displayr started as a data science consultancy, specializing in pricing and product design (choice modeling). Consultancy clients included Unilever, Qantas, Mars, Campbells, American Express, Sanofi, Wrigley, and Weight Watchers.
2005 Coding started on Q. The goal of the product was as a replacement for SPSS, with the specific objectives of:
  • Automating standard data analysis tasks, so that researchers could perform routine work without needing to use syntax (e.g., top two boxes, share of wallet, updating trackers).
  • Automating the use of modern statistical tests on tables (e.g., multiple comparison corrections, appropriate treatment of weights).
  • Using state-of-the-art analysis methods for routine data analysis problems (e.g., mixed generalized logit models, latent class analysis).
  • Creating a product that could be used with minimal training.
Late 2007 Q launched.
2011 It is estimated that Q replaces SPSS Statistics as the leading market research analysis product in Oceania (Australia and neighbouring countries).
2012 Q secures the world's top 5 market research companies as clients.
March 2013 American office opens.
July 2013 Launch of DataCracker. This is a simplified version of Q, targeted at people with little experience in the analysis of survey data.
November 2014 UK office opens.
February 2017 Beta launch of Displayr, the app.