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Create > Tables contains a set of tools for generating batches of tables, as well as some special kinds of tables. Features below which use QScript (Qscript icon.png), as well as those with no icon will output standard Q tables. Features marked with (RLogo.png) will generate R Outputs, and generally create tables which can't be made with standard Q tables.

RLogo.png Descriptive Statistics - Outputs a table of descriptive statistics for each selected variable.

RLogo.png Enter Data - Manually enter a table of data.

RLogo.png Merge Two Tables - Merges together two tables either by rows or columns and outputs a single table as an R object.

RLogo.png Multiway Table - Nests two or more questions in the rows and/or columns and provides either mean, minimum, maximum, or sum in the table cells.

RLogo.png Paste Data - Manually enter or paste in a table of data to use in further R calculations.

RLogo.png Raw Data - Create an R data frame from selected variables in your project data file(s).

Qscript icon.pngBanner Tables - Create tables of multiple questions, selecting one or more questions for the banner.

Qscript icon.pngLots of Crosstabs - Creates tables of multiple selected questions against one or more banner questions, resulting in one table for each question against each banner.

Qscript icon.pngSplice Tables - Merges together two tables either by rows or columns and outputs a single table.

Table Create a summary table or crosstab.

Basic Tables Create a large number of tables.

Smart Tables Crosstab one question by other questions, sorting the resulting tables according to statistical significance.