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A word cloud is useful to visualize uncoded text responses and questions with too many categories to conveniently show in a bar chart or a table. The area taken by each word/category is proportional to the number of respondents giving that answer. A word cloud will only show the top 100 words/categories.

How to create a Word Cloud

  1. Create a table of either Text data, a Pick One or a Pick Any question.
  2. In Show Data as select Word Cloud.

Viewing the original text (Text data only)

  1. Click on a word in the word cloud.
  2. Press the magnifying button.

How to modify a word cloud

Excluding words

The Word Cloud is created using the 100 most frequent words, excluding uninteresting words, such as I, who and that. You can choose to exclude addition words by dragging them to the Ignore region. You can include words that have been excluded by dragging them back into the word cloud.


Words can be merged by dragging and dropping.

Creating phrases (Text data only)

Sometimes words in a word cloud should be combined. For example, by default coca and cola will appear as separate words in different positions on the word cloud, but it more useful if they appear together as coca-cola. This is done as follows:

  1. On the word cloud, select a word that already contains a distinct part of the phrase (such as coca).
  2. Click in the text box next to the word on the left of the word cloud.
  3. Type in a phrase you want to combine. For example, coca-cola and press Enter on your keyboard. This will cause the following things to happen:
    • The phrase you typed will appear on the word cloud.
    • Its size will be determined by the number of times that phrase appears and the number of times the original phrase appears, as can be seen in example below.


Adding additional phrases (Text data only)

To add an additional phrase (a synonym), just repeat the process described above for creating phrases.

Removing phrases (Text data only)

Press the cross next to any phrase you wish to remove