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The Object Inspector is our name for options that appear on the right-hand side of the screen, to the right of an output. For example, below, the Object Inspector, shows formatting options for a Visualization. In the example below, there are three tabs: Inputs, Properties, and Chart. Different outputs have different tabs. The most commonly-appearing options in the Properties tab are described below (the other tabs are described in the documentation that describes whatever type of object has been created, such as Visualization Options).


Properties > GENERAL

Name The Name that appears when an object is shown in the Report tree, which is also commonly used in exports. (In Displayr, this is referred to as the Label.)

Reference name The name that the object is referred to when writing R CODE. (In Displayr, this is referred to as the Name.)

Guid The reference name used when referring to an object in the underlying code. This can only be used when creating hyperlinks in Displayr.

Properties > R CODE

This group appears where an object has been created using R code (which includes many of the objects created using the menus).

Properties > OUTPUT

Show as allows a choice between possible output options from R CODE that produce multiple outputs (e.g,. PLOT or TABLE).

Include R Code shows the R CODE; as a part of the output.

Show R Output shows the output you would see if using the R Console. It is most useful when debugging code that you have written.

Properties > LAYOUT

Options for controlling the size of an object (Width, Height), and the position of text within the output (Padding, Horizontal align, Vertical align, Wrap text output). Units are in pixels.

Properties > APPEARANCE

Object coloring and font coloring options. These font color options only influence text boxes created via code (see the Chart tab for font formatting options for charts and visualizations).


Using JavaScript, you can customize the options that appear in the Object Inspector, if the object has been created using R code.