Tables of Means (Summaries of Number and Number - Multi Questions)

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The table below is showing averages, which is what occurs whenever the data has been setup in Q as a numeric Question Type (i..e., for Number, Number - Multi and Number - Grid questions.

Instead of showing a NET (as occurs on tables with percentages), the table now shows a SUM, which is obtained by adding together the values for each respondent. When there is no Missing Data in the questions in the table, and none of the rows have been duplicated, the SUM is literally the sum of the values in the table. When Q displays categorical data it shows a NET and when it displays numeric data it shows the SUM.


Interpreting the significance tests

The colors and the arrows indicate statistically significant differences between the cell and the average of all of the other cells excluding the SUM and any cells which have been created using Create NET. To see the average value that has been used in the comparison, select the Expected Average statistic from the Statistics - Cells. For example, in the table above there are two NET cells (Net Coke, Net Pepsi) as well as the SUM. The significance testing has compared each cell with the average of the non-NET/SUM cells, which is 6.5.