Caveats for Table JavaScript

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Some caution should be applied when customizing a table using Table JavaScript, particularly with regard to significance testing. The p-values that control the significance results that are displayed in a table using arrows, font coloring, font sizes, and column letters are determined before the table JavaScript is applied to the table. As a result, some Table JavaScript functions can have unintended consequences with regards to which cells are shown to be significant, causing cells to be highlighted incorrectly. In these cases, significance should be prevented from being displayed, and this can be done by following the directions in How to Turn Off Significance Results on a Table.

One example is the addition of rows or columns to the table. Since the significance results are computed prior to the addition of these rows or columns, the new cells can have no significance results.

In general, significance results should be turned off when the Table JavaScript involves any function that:

  • Changes the number of cells in the table
  • Changes the value of a statistic in any of the cells
  • Applying filters or weights to some cells and not others

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