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The following list of tutorials from Q's Online Training system provides an overview of Q's features. These will take about 45 minutes to complete, and should serve as a starting point for exploring other topics that are of interest. More information on the topics covered by these tutorials is available from the links below.

To access the training modules you should open Q (get a trial if you do not have a license) and then select Online Training from the Help menu. This will open a browser window that contains a menu of Training modules. Selecting a module will open an additional browser window containing instructions for you to complete. You will be alerted if a step is not completed correctly, and if you are stuck on a particular step then you can click the Show me link and Q will demonstrate the step for you.

Training modules

  • Fundamentals > Creating Tables > Tables and Crosstabs
  • Fundamentals > Creating Tables > Merging Categories
  • Fundamentals > Filters > Simple Filters
  • Fundamentals > Exporting > Exporting Charts and Tables to Office
  • Fundamentals > Exporting > Updating Embedded PowerPoint Charts in a Tracking Study
  • Fundamentals > Dates and Time Series > Time Series Plots
  • Fundamentals > Significance Testing > Column Comparisons
  • Manipulating Data > Managing Data Files > Multiple Data Files
  • Multivariate Techniques > Maps > Correspondence Analysis
  • Multivariate Techniques > Segments > Trees

Further reading