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A Radar Chart (also known as a web chart, spider chart, star chart, polar chart, or Kiviat diagram) displays multivariate data with three or more variables represented on axes that stem from a central point.


The following example shows the cola preferences of different genders. The visualization is based on the table below.

Gender cola preference crosstab.png

Create a Radar Chart in Displayr

1. Go to Insert > Visualization > Radar Chart
2. Under Inputs > DATA SOURCE > Output in ‘Pages’, select your table from the dropdown menu

Object Inspector Options

The following is an explanation of the options available in the Object Inspector for this specific visualization. Refer to Visualization Options for general chart formatting options.

More Information

How to make a radar chart in Displayr
How to make a radar chart in Excel


    "formChartType": "Radar",
    "formStackSeries": false,
    "formSmallMultiples": false,
    "formAsPercentages": false,
    "formScatterLabelType": "As hover text"