Setting Up WebStorm

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Please note: Q4.10 includes a built-in editor for QScripts that can be accessed by Automate > Open QScript (Macro) Editor. It is advisable to use this over WebStorm as scripts can be run directly from this editor and the location of errors in the script will be highlighted.

To set up WebStorm:

  1. Download and install WebStorm from
  2. Open WebStorm if it is not already open.
  3. At the Welcome screen, select Configure > Settings.
  4. Click on File Types (underneath IDE Settings on the left).
  5. In Recognized File Types (top-right), click on JavaScript Files (you will need to scroll).
  6. In Registered Patterns, press the green plus button.
  7. Enter *.QScript and press OK.
  8. Press OK again.

Any file that is opened in WebStorm with a file extension of .QScript will now highlight the text as int he example above. When creating new QScript files, you need to be selecting options for creating new files (i.e., not new projects).