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Add Folder Adds a ‘group’ (i.e., folder) to the Report. Individual tables can be dragged into or from the Report.


Add Table Adds a new table underneath the selected table or group.


Add Chart... Opens a list where you may choose a type of chart to add.


Add Text Adds a new text item in which you can write formatted text.


Add Image... Opens a dialog for you to choose an image file to add to the report.


Lock Prevents the table being modified (see Locking tables).


Table Options… Opens the Table Options dialog box.


Rename Permits you to rename the table. Also see Special Table Names.


Cut Cuts the selected table for future pasting in the Report.


Copy Copies the selected table for future pasting in the Report.


Paste Pastes the cut or copied table into the selected space in the Report.


Delete Deletes the selected tables.


Print… Prints the selected tables, using the Project Options.


Print Preview Preview the table(s) to be printed.


Export to Office Export the selected table(s) to a Microsoft Excel, Word or PowerPoint.


Export to PDF Exports table(s) as Adobe Acrobat PDF files (*.pdf), using the Report Options.


Some Table Context Menu items are also available here.