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Create index plots of studentized residuals, hat values, and Cook's distance

Charts the studentized residuals, hat values, and Cook's distancesCook's distances for the observations in a regression model. The observation numbers of the five highest values on each of the measures are charted.


The below example shows the output from running this diagnostic on a Poisson regression modelPoisson regression model used to predict days absent from school for a sample of school children in New South Wales, Australia.


Roughly, in a model with n samples and p predictors (including the intercept), studentized residuals larger than 2 indicate possible outliers, hat values larger than 2*p/n indicate possible high leverage values, and Cook's distance values larger than 4/(n-p) indicate possible highly influential observations.


Uses the influenceIndexPlot function from the car package.


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const menu_location = "Regression > Diagnostic > Plot > Influence Index";