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When a license has not been installed, Q Professional is referred to as Q Reader. Q Reader has limited functionality, and is intended for clients to view existing projects created in Q Professional. In particular, Q Reader does not permit:

  • Printing.
  • Exporting of anything (i.e., you cannot export data, tables, charts, dashboards).
  • Access to the Variables and Questions tab (which is where most data manipulation is performed).
  • Access to the Data tab (which is where data cleaning and checking is typically performed).
  • Full access to the Create Menu (which is where advanced analyses are requested).
  • [In early versions] Access to the Tools Menu (where there are a variety of features for merging, stacking and exporting data).
  • Access to the Automate menu (where there are a variety of automated rules and scripts).
  • Automatic setup of projects.

Q Reader is 100% compatible with Q Professional. That is, it is the same program but with a reduced feature set. Consequently, any changes you make to a file using Q Reader will be readable using Q Professional and vice versa.

An Install Q Reader link for your clients to download Q Reader is available from your Customer Page.

To send your reports - created in Q Professional - to clients, use a QPack. See also How to Give Clients Access to Data.

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