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Prepares a summary of some of the salient aspects of a table. The resulting output is intended to assist with correct interpretation of a table (i.e., it is not intended to provide a definitive summary of the contents of the table).

Generally, a maximum of three results are included in the description and these will be from amongst the most statistically significant results (as identified by the Cell Comparisons).

Note that the conclusion regarding the significance for an entire table that is obtained this way may differ from that obtained by Planned Tests Of Statistical Significance. This is because these two alternative approaches have different null hypotheses. The interpretations of the table tests the null hypothesis that none of the individual cells are significant (i.e., it is a joint test of multiple separate hypotheses). By contrast, the Planned Tests Of Statistical Significance tests the null hypothothesis described in its outputs. Nevertheless, generally the tests will only differ on 'line ball' cases (i.e., where a discrepancy exists it can be interpreted as indicating that the testing is inconclusive).