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Projects created in Q can be uploaded and used in Displayr, which is an online tool for data analysis and reporting. A Q Dashboard is a project created in Q and then uploaded onto the ‘cloud’, where it can be viewed on any web browser.

Instructions for creating a dashboard

  1. Obtain a license for Displayr.
  2. Undertand the Optimal workflow for using Q and Displayr.
  3. Obtain the data, clean it and set it up in Q Setting Up Your Data in Q.
  4. Upload your QPack and organize your dashboard.


Your dashboards are essentially run within a server. If your data file is very large or your project is very complicated then the user must sometimes wait while it loads or calculates. (Displayr tries to help by keeping a copy of the first few pages of your project so that these can appear immediately in your browser, while your project is loading.)

If a user waits more than two minutes for an operation to complete then Displayr will cancel the operation.