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The crosstab below shows a Number - Grid question in the blue drop-down and a Pick One in the brown drop-down menu. The 0.04 for Pepsi by Health-conscious by Male is interpreted as follows:

  • Amongst males, the average score for Pepsi being Health-conscious is 0.04.
  • This average is significantly higher than the average for females of 0.01.

Note that unlike with tests on most tables in Q, with crosstabs of grids by other questions, the other rows on the table are ignored. For example, the 0.04 score for Pepsi by Health-conscious by Male has not been compared with the 0.08 score for Pepsi by Feminine by Female. This is the same basic testing strategy that appears in most crosstabs: each column is compared with its complement.


The next example shows a Pick One question in the blue drop-down menu with a Pick Any - Grid in the brown drop-down. The cell Coke by 40 to 49 by Feminine is interpretted as follows;

  • 5% of people aged 40 to 49 consider Coke to be feminine.
  • People aged 40 to 49 are significantly less likely to consider Coke to be feminine than people not aged 40 to 49.


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