Compute the Difference Between a Pair of Rows

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This script calculates the difference between two specified rows and displays it beneath the second row in the table. Two more straightforward approaches to achieving the same outcome are:

You can modify the top of the script to specify which statistic to use, which rows to use, and the label of the new row in the table.

// Table JavaScript for computing the difference between a pair of rows
// Difference is calculated as <First Row> - <Second Row>

var target_statisic = 'Column %'; // Specify the statistic to use in the calculation

var first_row_index = 0; //Specify the position of the first row (indices begin at 0)
var second_row_index = 1; // Specify the position of the second row (indices begin at 0)
var new_row_label = 'Delta'; // Specify the label of the new row (containing the differences)

var new_row_index = second_row_index+1; // Index of the new row

table.insertRowAfter(second_row_index,new_row_label); // Add a new row to store the differences
if (typeof right_table !== 'undefined') {
    if (right_table.columnLabels == null)
        right_table.insertRowAfter(second_row_index, new_row_label);
        right_table.insertColumnAfter(second_row_index, new_row_label);

var stats = table.get(target_statisic); // Obtain the array of statistics

// Calcualte the differences in the new row
for (var j = 0; j < table.numberColumns; j++) {
	stats[new_row_index][j] = stats[first_row_index][j] - stats[second_row_index][j];

// Assign the new statistics back to the table

Note that the code above also inserts a new row into right_table, which correspond to the table for the Statistics - Right respectively. This table must be addressed separately - it does not automatically update when the main table is changed. The function insertRowAfterComplete() can be used to address the extra tables automatically whenever they are shown on the table.

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