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This feature is new in Q 4.8.


Represents a drop-down that allows statistic selection. Only the statistics available for the current table or plot will appear in the list. The first entry is always a special entry, which selects the default statistic, and doesn't care if that statistic is different on different tables. However if the user explicitly selects a statistic then the Rule will not be applied to tables or plots that do not support that statistic.


Retrieves the selected statistic.
Returns:The canonical English name of a statistic, or null if the user wants the main statistic (which is the default).


Use this to control whether the item should be treated as an expression or as a string in R code. Only applicable to textBox, comboBox and dropBox controls.


If called then the table this Rule is applied to must yield a numeric statistic, else this rule will be skipped.


Use this where your Rule has many controls, and they do not fit comfortably in a single line. It allows you to specify that a new row will be started after this control.
c.lineBreakAfter = true;


There is always a default statistic.
Returns:The canonical English name of the selected statistic.


Returns the name we use to refer to this class in the documentation.


Set this to false if you want a control you have created to not be shown to the user. This property is only available in Q v5.4